Based in the Netherlands, this multidisciplinary company provides services related to Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Management and Development, comprehending also activities linked to the academic field including research and courses ministration. It also promotes Companies and Institutes, assisting on finding investments, partnerships, collaborations and participation in consortiums locally and abroad.

The combination of several activities and expertize in one company brings better integrated and sustainable projects.

Why Netherlands?

Netherlands is strategic located in Europe and in The Globe. It´s connectivity and accessibility to everywhere combined with the Dutch creative way of life, not only demands but facilitate investments and innovations.

Why Choose ArchUrb Company?

The combination of specific knowledge in one company is unique. The method of work and provision of projects are based on academic knowledge and provided through dynamic methods of work to deliver sustainable and innovative services.

Sustainability is based on 3 pillars: social, environmental and economical. ArchUrb Company provides its services combining expertizes of each aspect that helps build good results:









Urban Environmental Management

Sustainable projects





Finding financial support